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2014 Oncology Research Grant

Introducing the 2014 Oncology Research Grant from EA | Quintiles. Together with Illumina, we’re giving two deserving researchers the power to tap into the wealth of genomic data locked within FFPE samples using an innovative technique developed by EA | Quintiles using Illumina’s RNA Access method. Unleash the power of your research with Coding Transcriptome RNA-seq Analysis and Genome-wide DNA Methylation Interrogation. Apply Today

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Currently, millions of valuable samples exist in collections that have been fixed in formalin for preservation and embedded in paraffin to allow sectioning for microscopic inspection. Until recently, these so-called formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples created serious—usually insurmountable—challenges to molecular analysis, such as RNA sequencing (RNA-seq). After testing various approaches, Expression Analysis (EA | Quintiles) developed a successful protocol.  Learn more about our RNA-Seq Services

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